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Corporate Technology FZCO

The OCM Group was established in 1974 now a prominent player in the construction industry of the U.A.E. and Oman, with a primary focus on Trading in Building Materials and Steel Processing. Seven Seas Trading Co. LLC (SST) was the first company to be incorporated in 1996 in UAE by the OCM Group. SST was set up to provide building materials supply solutions to the market and is now one of the leading building materials companies in the UAE supplying products ranging from Rebar to Timbers. In 2001, OCM entered the specialized field of steel processing under the banner of Corporate Technology FZCO (CTECH). Located in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Corporate Technology FZCO is one of the leaders in the U.A.E. for Cutting & Bending of Steel Reinforcement Bars. Wanting to provide further reinforcement solutions to the industry in 2003, a first for the Middle East, OCM introduced Automated Pre-fabricated Cages for columns and piling works. The technology was successfully used for the fabrication of foundation cages for the Dubai International Airport Expansion Project, in excess of 150,000mt were fabricated and handed over to the client ahead of schedule. The company also manufactures Fabricated Reinforcement Mesh at the same premises in Jebel Ali. Seven Seas Steel Industries LLC (SSSI) was incorporated in 2004. The facility is located at Dubai Investments Park (DIP), with four production lines providing a Cut & Bend capacity of approximately 15,000 tons/month. In addition the facility includes an installation for Pile Cage Fabrication, and a Coupler and Threading operation (mechanical rebar splicing), one of the largest in the Gulf States. The OCM Group has been involved in and executed supplies for some of the most prestigious developments in Dubai such as The Burj Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Festival City and The Dubai International Airport Expansion Project.

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Corporate Technology FZCO
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Totaling  in  excess  of  65,000m²  the  facility  is  a  state-of-the-art installation,  where  a  continuous  upgradation  of  machinery  and fabrication processes provides the capability of producing  250,000 tons annually of high quality product. A well organized factory layout provides  for  an efficient segregation of  varying diameters of steel providing instant access for the  Production teams. The plant’s size provides an internal area for storage of 5000 metric tons within the factory, and in excess of 200,000 externally. To ensure our customer  receives  the highest level  of  service  that  they  have grown  accustomed  to,  a  back  up  production  line is  installed  with the  continuous  monitoring  of  our  in  house  maintenance  teams, minimizing downtime and ensuring orders run on schedule.
Cut & Bend Steel

Cut & Bend Steel

One  of  the  most  important  operations  in  the  construction  of reinforced  concrete  product  involves  Cutting  &  Bending  of Reinforcement  bar  (Rebar)  into  the  correct  shapes  and  sizes as  specified  in  structural  drawings.  This  allows  for  a  just  in  time delivery  system  ensuring  trouble-free  placement  of  steel  in  the structural member at the construction site. Rebar  processed  at  a  Cut  &  Bend  shop  is  the  fastest,  most effective  and  efficient  method  to  provide  reinforcements  for concrete  structures  in any project. With prefabricated Cut  &  Bend rebars, construction sites reduce material  wastage and fixing time significantly.  Cut  &  Bend  can  also  be  done  on  the  construction site  itself,  but  is  considered  inefficient  due  to  the  inaccuracy  of materials  produced  resulting  in  higher  wastage  and  less  on  site accountability. Benefits of Cut & Bend via the Industrial Process •  Higher efficiencies •  Reduced fabrication time •  Steel is produced and  tagged  to  exact specifications  for faster and simpler onsite installation •  Higher levels of quality Control •  Just In Time (JIT) delivery with quick response times •  Reduced storage costs •  Improved on site planning & logistics •  Relief from onsite congestion •  Faster placement of material on site •  Better accountability and traceability of materials •  Control on material wastage •  Reduction of on site labour and labour accidents
Reinforcement Mesh

Reinforcement Mesh

Reinforcement mesh is a pre-fabricated steel product manufactured from cold drawn high yield strength steel, which is either rectangular or  square  in  design.  Mesh  is  manufactured  on  automatic  welding machines  which  assure  consistent  spacing  of  wires  over  cross sectional areas. The  welding  process  is  accomplished  by  a  controlled  electrical process employing the principle of fusion combined with pressure, which  fuses  the  intersecting  wires  into  a  homogeneous  section without loss of strength.
Welded Pile Cages

Welded Pile Cages

Seven  Seas  Steel  Industries  L.L.C  are  specialist  in  manufacturing of  fabricated  cages  for  piling  and  columns.  Traditional  method of making  onsite manual wire tied  joints  is  considered  to  be  less economical and is highly labour intensive. In 2002, OCM secured the contract for manufacturing of welded pile cages for Dubai International Airport Expansion Project. A factory was erected on site for the processing of over 150,000mt of reinforcement bar,  primarily  40mm  Reinforcement  bar  with  16mm  spirals.  The group went on to supply pile cages for the entire foundation of the Burj Dubai Tower, the tallest building in the world, and for the Dubai Mall project. Benefits •  Complete size mix of rebars available on demand •  Precages are made to exact specifications for quick onsite installation •  Eliminates need for lapping of reinforcement bars •  quick response time and just-in-time delivery •  Relieves site congestion and reduce storage cost •  Better onsite logistical planning •  Material wastage control •  Reduced onsite labour
Coupler Systems

Coupler Systems

Bartec is a parallel threaded rebar mechanical splicing system that
guarantees an  ultimate tensile strength  of the joint  to be stronger
than  the  strength  of  the  bar  itself  guaranteeing  bar  break  under
tensile stress.


•  Continuity of Rebar
•  Connection of rebar from 12mm to 56mm
•  Provides for full ductile elongation of bars
•  Alternative to lap splicing eliminating staggering of bars
•  Material wastage reduction and control
•  Resolves bar congestion problems
•  Shortens construction cycle
•  Enables multiple re-usage of formwork

Along  with  Bartec  Couplers  we  also  provide  End  Anchorage
Systems,  Repair Grip  Hydraulic Pressed  Couplers and many  other
miscellaneous products used in the Construction Industry.

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